It has been a while since Apple released a new MacBook Air. There have already been countless rumors and reports suggesting that the company would discontinue this notebook. The MacBook Air has been one of the best-selling notebooks for the company but Apple has been neglecting the lineup in recent years. Word on the street is that Apple is definitely going to discontinue it this year.

The MacBook Air was unveiled by Steve Jobs himself back in 2008. He pulled it out of an office folder to show that it really was the thinnest notebook on the market. Since then, incremental updates have been made to the MacBook Air.

While there have been countless rumors of major improvements being lined up for this product, they have never materialized. A self-proclaimed Foxconn insider took to Reddit to answer some questions about Apple’s plans.

When someone asked whether Apple was planning to release a new MacBook Air this year, the insider replied that the “line is discontinued.” This isn’t the first time that something like this has been predicted.

Apple’s neglect of the MacBook Air lineup itself suggests that the company isn’t planning on making any major updates to it. While it’s possible that Apple might retain the MacBook Air in its notebook lineup as an entry-level option, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that the notebook will receive any meaningful refresh in the coming months.

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