The Joy-Con controllers on the Nintendo Switch are pretty small, which means that unless you remember to connect them back to the console everytime after use, or keep them attached to the grip accessory, there is a chance that you could easily misplace them, whether it be in your bag, the side of the couch, under the table, and so on.

Given how expensive it is to replace the Joy-Cons, safe to say that no one really relishes the idea of misplacing them. However the good news is that Nintendo has recently issued a major update for the Switch which should address the problem. Basically with the update, users will now be able to locate missing Joy-Cons. The idea is that if they’re located nearby, the Switch can force them to vibrate in hopes that the sound will help you locate them easily.

In addition to this feature, the update will also now allow gamers to plug in the Pro controller into the Switch via the USB port. This means that gamers will now be able to play with the Pro controller in wired mode if you’re trying to absolutely minimize any form of input lag. There are also a bunch of new features that are part of the update that will bring the console’s firmware up to version 3.0.0.

You’ll be able to find all the changes on Nintendo’s website, so head on over if you’d like to see what else is new with the console following the update.

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