You can never have enough storage on your gaming console. With games and their subsequent updates getting heavier by the day, gone are the times when you could make do with just a few gigabytes of storage. However, there’s only so much storage that you can add to your console by swapping out its internal hard drive. You have to rely on an external solution to get the maximum possible storage and Seagate has just the thing for you.

Seagate’s new Game Drive Hub for Xbox One is essentially a massive hard drive from the company. It’s quite similar to some of the other large hard drives that Seagate has released so far. The Seagate Game Drive Hub for Xbox One offers 8TB of storage with two USB 3.0 ports on the front.

Those USB ports on the front are quite functional. They can be used to charge the console’s controllers or further expand the storage capacity by hooking up two additional USB hard drives.

The paint job of this external drive appears to have been inspired by the Xbox One S as it has the same white and black colors as Microsoft’s gaming console.

Seagate is going to release the Game Drive Hub for Xbox One later this month via resellers for $199.99.

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