A lot of work has been done to eliminate the need for placing fingerprint sensors at the front of the device. Many companies are pushing for in-display fingerprint sensors which would embed the scanning technology within the display itself. Samsung is particularly believed to be interested in it, however, it may not be the first to market with such a smartphone. China-based Vivo might actually be the first OEM to bring an in-display fingerprint sensor touting handset to market.

It was first rumored last year that the Galaxy S8 could feature an in-display fingerprint sensor but that didn’t happen, Samsung apparently decided against it because it felt that the technology wasn’t ready.

The company is now expected to introduce an in-display fingerprint sensor with the Galaxy Note 8. However, recent reports suggest that the next flagship may also have to skip the integrated fingerprint sensor.

A new report out of China suggests that Vivo might become the first smartphone market to come out with a device on the market that has an integrated fingerprint sensor. A video has appeared online which shows the technology in action. It’s unclear whether the handset will enable users to unlock the device by placing their finger anywhere on the display or in a specific region.

No further information about this handset is available at this point in time. The report suggests that Vivo is going to release this device in a few months.

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