When you think of laptop chargers, you probably think of those huge power bricks that you have to lug around with you on the go. Granted many of them have shrunk over the years, but it’s not exactly to the point where you could just stuff it in your pocket unlike smartphone charging cables.


Let’s not forget the possibility that you could always trip over the cables when they’re plugged in. However that could soon change in the future as Dell has recently unveiled the Latitude 7285 laptop, the world’s first laptop that will support wireless charging. This means that you won’t have to worry about dealing with cables in the future, although right now the solution does seem a bit clunky.

Basically you would be required to have the wireless charging keyboard and a wireless charging mat for it to work, and it will be sold separately as a combo priced at $550, meaning that you’ll need to tag on that extra $550 on top of the laptop’s price of $1,200. It does make for a pretty pricey package just for wireless charging, but we guess if you can see the convenience in it then why not?

There are also some limitations, such as how the wireless charging mat can’t be used on a metal surface due to the use of magnets. Like we said, it’s not exactly the most elegant of solutions, but we suppose it is a step towards a wireless future.

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