There have been many instances in the past where one company has come up with a great idea, only to have many other companies follow suit with similar offerings later. Sometimes the competition can be successful and even eclipse the original, and sometimes it just doesn’t quite work out.

Google+ is an example where seeing the rise of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it felt like Google wanted in as well and thus Google+ was born. However fast forward to today and the platform isn’t really where we’re sure Google had envisioned, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll stop trying. In fact Google has recently started to ask the public if they might be interested in being a Google+ beta tester.

According to Google’s post, “If you’re as passionate for Google+ as we are, apply to become a beta tester for our product. We’re looking for people who want to test out new features, as well as discuss with our product team and fellow beta testers how to make Google+ the place to share your interests.”

We’re sure that Google probably has quite a few plans for the platform that has yet to be materialized, and if you’re the type that likes early access or if you think that your input could help the platform, then head on over to Google’s website to sign up to be a beta tester.

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