Image credit – Android Police

The Moto Z2 Force was recently announced and one of the highlights of the phone is its ShatterShield screen, which as its name suggests means that the phone, should it be dropped, will not see its screen crack/shatter. Unfortunately it seems that such protection comes as a cost, and that cost is a screen that scratches easily.

According to reports, like those posted by Android Police, it seems that using a fingernail is more than enough to scratch the phone’s display. The report reads, “On the Z2 Force, a fingernail is enough to scratch the display. This is not true of last year’s Z Force. I can’t think of any reason Motorola would downgrade the materials, but that’s what it did.”

When reached out to comment, Motorola sent a statement to the folks at Pocketnow which reads, “Shatterproof does not mean scratchproof, and scratches can subjective. Motorola encourages the use of a third-party screen protector for added scratch resistance.” The company also states that for this year’s design, they opted for a 3D design to make it more competitive with other devices. They also state that the review units were the first production, and that they plan to improve on it in future builds.

“That being said, we will continue to evolve the design for continuous improvement. The unit you received was one of the very first production units and we do have an improvement in the works that consumers will see shortly after launch.” We’re not sure how widespread this problem, but either way if you do plan on buying the Moto Z2 Force, like Motorola suggests, maybe investing in a screen protector might be a good idea.

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