We live in dangerous times of global cyberattacks, ransomware, and your average garden variety malware and trojans. Since our PCs play a major role in our lives, it’s imperative that their security is guaranteed. The Orwl PC is a nifty little personal computer that promises advanced security. As of its various software security features, the PC also has the ability to self-destruct if someone tries to physically hack it.

The Orwl PC can be configured with Windows, Qubes OS, and Ubuntu. It offers protection against UEFI and DMA attacks as well as USB-based attacks. There’s a special key fob with NFC that verifies whether the use is authorized to access the computer. It locks down the USB ports when the key fob is out of range.

The PC is also capable of holding its own against physical hacking. It detects tampering of electrical components even when its unplugged. If the computer detects that someone is trying to physically hack the machine, it permanently wipes the encryption key which means that the hacker can’t get access to any and all data on the PC.

All of this protection does come at a price, obviously. The Orwl PC is due to be released next month with prices starting at $1,699. That’s for the model with the Core m3 processor. The Core m7 model costs $2,399.

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