The United States elevated the role of its Cyber Command last year and vowed to respond aggressively to cyberwarfare threats from its rivals. According to a new report, the United States has been able to plant offensive malware in Russia’s power grid. That’s seen to be a much more aggressive response compared to the reconnaissance malware that has been planted in the grid since at least 2012.

The New York Times reports that the Cyber Command has been able to infiltrate the electric grid of Russia and plant offensive malware. It’s unclear just how deep it has been able to infiltrate the grid and what this malware is capable of doing. However, it’s evident that this is meant to serve as a weapon should the situation between the United States and Russia reach a point where its use may seem warranted.

The officials declined to comment on the report. U.S. national security advisor John Bolton did say recently that the United States would expand potential online tragets to warn Russia that it can retaliate to cyber attack in the same coin.

The Cyber Command, a brand of the military, has reportedly found the backing for this in a 2018 defense authorization bill which allowed clandestine online operations in order to “deter, safeguard or defend” against cyberattacks without requiring explicit approval from the president. The report adds that President Trump isn’t believed to have been briefed on the planting of this malware.

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