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U.S. Reportedly Planted Offensive Malware In Russia's Electrical Grid
The United States elevated the role of its Cyber Command last year and vowed to respond aggressively to cyberwarfare threats from its rivals. According to a new report, the United States has been able to plant offensive malware in Russia’s power grid. That’s seen to be a much more aggressive response compared to the reconnaissance malware that has been planted in the grid since at least 2012.

U.S. Army Simulates Cyberattack By Cutting Power To Its Largest Base
U.S. Army’s largest base, Fort Bragg, conducted an unannounced exercise in order to simulate a cyberattack. Not only that, it’s also the largest military base in the world, with over 50,000 soldiers stationed there. The base did not have power for 12 hours on Wednesday and Thursday which led to some confusion and concern. The base has since issued an apology for the unannounced exercise.

Russian Hackers Reportedly Infiltrated U.S. Utility Companies
Russian hackers reportedly infiltrated the control rooms of utility companies in the United States, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing officials from the Department of Homeland Security with knowledge of the situation. The report mentions that the hackers’ access was advanced to the point where they “could have thrown switches.”

Russia Reportedly Tried To Pin Its Olympics Cyberattack On North Korea
It was reported a couple of weeks ago that there had been a cyberattack during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony and while it was confirmed by the organizers, they didn’t point fingers at any individuals or nation states. The Washington Post reports today that Russian hackers were responsible for this cyberattack and that they later tried to pin it on North Korea. The Washington Post’s report cites officials […]


WannaCry Attack Source Publicly Named As North Korea
The WannaCry ransomware attack earlier this year crippled almost a third of the United Kingdom’s National Health Care trusts. It even impacted almost 300 local doctor’s offices earlier this year in May. The country has been conducting an investigation into the cyberattack and it has now publicly named the WannaCry attack source as North Korea. The attack was publicly attributed to North Korea by the British Security Minister Ben Wallace […]

Global Accounting Firm Deloitte Reports Cyberattack
One of the largest accounting firms in the United States and indeed the world, Deloitte, has reported that it was the victim of a cyberattack that it caught back in March this year. The company believes that the breach might have begun in October last year which it was eventually able to catch in March of this year.

A Major Global Cyberattack Could Cause Damages Worth $53 Billion
There has been a wave of global cyberattacks over the past few months and even though they were launched on a global scale, significant devastation was avoided. Nevertheless, one has to think about the possibility of that happening at some point in the future. According to a new report, a major global cyberattack could have significant economic consequences. On average, the economic loss for such a cyberattack is predicted to […]

Orwl PC Self-Destructs If Someone Tries To Hack It
We live in dangerous times of global cyberattacks, ransomware, and your average garden variety malware and trojans. Since our PCs play a major role in our lives, it’s imperative that their security is guaranteed. The Orwl PC is a nifty little personal computer that promises advanced security. As of its various software security features, the PC also has the ability to self-destruct if someone tries to physically hack it.

Petya Ransomware Removal Key Being Sold For $250,000
You may have heard about Petya. The ransomware spread across the globe last week and impacted many organizations and companies aside from individual users. The creators behind the ransomware have been quiet but their first statement since the cyberattack is an offer to exchange the Petya removal key for $250,000.

WannaCry Ransomware Attack Launched By North Korea, Says British Intelligence
You may remember that last month, a ransomware attack by the name of WannaCry affected tens of millions of PCs across the globe. It crippled computer systems across Europe, the Americas, Russia, and even China. More than 300,000 machines are believed to have been affected by WannaCry. While no hacking collective has claimed to be behind this massive attack, a report cites sources within British Intelligence claiming that there’s evidence […]

New Russian Cyberweapon Can Disrupt Power Grids
U.S. researchers claim that hackers allied with the government of Russia have developed a new cyberweapon that can disrupt power grids. If the information is correct, the cyberweapon has the potential to be the most disruptive weapon of its kind as it would take our electric systems which will have a direct impact on the lives of people living in the United States.

Chipotle Hack Compromised Customer Information
Chipotle has confirmed that a hack that left malware on its systems compromised credit card information of customers at its restaurants across the United States from March 24th to April 18th. Chipotle first said that it had been the victim of an attack back in April and it has now shared more details about the debacle. It hasn’t said how many customers have been affected by this hack.

Microsoft Releases 'Highly Unusual' Windows XP Patch As Ransomware Attack Spreads
Earlier this weekend, hospitals in the United Kingdom as well as Telefonica, FedEx and other businesses were hit by a significant ransomware attack that compromised more than 75,000 computers in over 99 countries across the globe. The malware has been identified as WannaCry. It encrypts the affected computer and then requires the owner to pay a $300 ransom before it can be unlocked again. It spread so quickly because of […]

GameStop Investigates Breach Of Customer Payment Data From Website
Things aren’t going that well for GameStop. It recently announced the closure of at least 150 stores across the United States and if that wasn’t enough, the company is also investigating a possible breach of customer financial data from its website. Those who made a purchase via GameStop’s website using their bank card over the past few months should pay attention.

U.S. Indicts Russian Spies In Massive Yahoo Cyberattack
Yahoo revealed several months ago that it was the victim of a massive cyberattack back in 2014 that left some 500 million user accounts compromised. The company said that it suspected that state-sponsored hackers were behind the attack. The United States Justice Department has been investigating this matter and it has now decided to indict four Russians over the cyberattack, two of them actually work for Russian’s FSB intelligence agency.

Yahoo Confirms An Additional 32 Million Accounts Were Hacked
It has been a tough couple of quarters for Yahoo. Over the past few months, the company has confirmed massive cyberattacks that it faced in 2014 and 2013 which affected more than 500 million and 1 billion user accounts respectively. Yahoo has now confirmed another cyberattack. It was a cookie-forging attack which left more than 32 million accounts breached. There aren’t a lot of details available about this attack right […]

Hackers Trick ATMs Into Spitting Cash
The FBI has warned that hackers might soon target ATMs in the United States. The warning follows cyberattacks against ATMs in Thailand and Taiwan. Hackers have apparently been able to develop an exploit which enables them to make ATMs spit out cash. Their accomplices simply stand close to the ATMs to pick up the cash that’s unceremoniously spewed out of the machine. No cards or pins required.

Yahoo Admits Some People Knew About Massive 2014 Hack
Yahoo confirmed a couple of months ago that it was the victim of what it calls a “state-sponsored” cyberattack that left details of more than 500 million of its users compromised. This cyberattack actually took place back in 2014 and the company has been trying to piece it all together, it only disclosed the hack a few months ago and now Yahoo has admitted that some people inside the company […]

Bank Halts Online Transactions After Money Stolen From 20,000 Customers In Hack
Hacking attempts against financial institutions are nothing new but it’s only when the attackers are able to break through the defenses do we get a glimpse of the absolute havoc that such incidents can cause. Tesco Bank – a financial institution based in the United Kingdom – has halted all online transactions today after some 20,000 of its account holders had their money stolen right out of their accounts following […]

CIA Reportedly Planning Cyber Attack Against Russia
The United States recently pointed the finger directly at Russia, accusing it of launching cyber attacks to undermine the upcoming presidential elections. A new report claims that the country is now planning to retaliate in the same manner. The Central Intelligence Agency is reportedly preparing to launch a cyber attack against Russia. Such actions are obviously never really disclosed to the media so it would be best to take this […]