Becoming a professional video game player is a thing nowadays, and making a career out of it is certainly becoming a lot more viable than back in the day. In fact Blizzard seems to be encouraging this as last year, the company launched the Overwatch League which is basically Blizzard’s own professional league for Overwatch.

Recently the company went ahead and shared additional details about the league, including who could be eligible to be signed and also how much they can make from it, which we’re sure many are curious about. Starting with the pay, Blizzard states that players who are part of the Overwatch League can stand to make a minimum of $50,000 a year.

There will also be signed to guaranteed one-year contracts with the option to extend for another year, and there will also be health insurance and a retirement savings plan. Teams who win performance bonuses will also distribute at least 50% of that amount to their players directly, which means that on top of the $50,000 a year, players can stand to make more if they win additional bonuses.

Teams will also provide players with housing and practice facilities that are in line with the professional standards set by the Overwatch League, which admittedly sounds pretty amazing, so if you think you have what it takes to become a professional Overwatch player, the future of the game’s professional scene is certainly looking very tempting.

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