Some users of Microsoft’s new Surface Pro have been complaining about a hibernation issue with their new device. Microsoft has now released a fix for the hibernation issue. A new firmware update has been released by Microsoft which takes care of the hibernation and sleep issue that owners of its new Surface Pro devices have reported.

The new Surface Pro was launched towards the end of May this year. It’s the successor to the Surface Pro 4 which has proven to be quite popular with the customers.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed a lot of information about what this fix brings in the changelog. It only mentions that the update revises system power reporting. Apparently, that’s what needed a little tweaking to take care of this issue.

New Surface Pro owners can get this firmware update starting today via Windows Update. They can download the fix by heading to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update on their Surface Pro machine.

The issue has been irking quite a lot of new Surface Pro users. They were experiencing random hibernation of the Surface Pro which can prove to be very irritating, particularly when they were trying to get some work done. Customers started reporting the issue about random hibernation last month.

Fortunately for them, Microsoft didn’t take too long to fix it.

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