The other day it was reported that BLU had their smartphones delisted from Amazon due to “security concerns”, but it seems that these issues have since been resolved because in a tweet by the company and a confirmation by Amazon to Tom’s Guide, it looks like BLU’s smartphones have since been relisted.

For those hearing about this problem for the first time, apparently this was based on a report from a security firm who found out that BLU’s smartphones was apparently sending data back to China. This isn’t a new issue and back in 2016, BLU stated that this was due to a third-party app that came bundled with the phone, and that they would be replacing the app in future releases.

The recent report from the security firm had suggested that maybe it hadn’t, which caused Amazon to pull the plug on BLU’s smartphones. However like we said, whatever the issue might have been has been resolved. Amazon told Tom’s Guide that they have since been in talks with BLU which is why sales of the phone have resumed.

An Amazon spokesperson was quoted as saying,  “If we receive information that could potentially impact our customers’ experience, we may temporarily make a product unavailable for purchase. Based on communication with the manufacturer, BLU Products, we have resumed selling BLU devices on” On BLU’s end, they are calling this issue a “false alarm”.

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