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Blu Settles With FTC On Misleading Privacy Claims
Some of you might remember that Blu, a company known for its mid-range smartphones, was accused of providing a Chinese device management firm by the name of Adups unfettered access to personally identifiable user data. Blu then said that it had taken adequate steps to ensure user privacy but the Federal Trade Commission had complaint alleging that Blu had made misleading privacy claims. Blu has now settled the matter with […]

Amazon Relists BLU Smartphones After ‘False Alarm’
The other day it was reported that BLU had their smartphones delisted from Amazon due to “security concerns”, but it seems that these issues have since been resolved because in a tweet by the company and a confirmation by Amazon to Tom’s Guide, it looks like BLU’s smartphones have since been relisted.

Amazon Stops Selling Blu Smartphones Due To 'Security Concerns'
If you’ve searched for affordable smartphones on Amazon, you might have found a few models from Blu topping the lists. The company, Blu Products, has primarily sold its devices via Amazon. They’re affordable mid-range devices aimed at people who don’t want to spend too much money on an unlocked and off-contract device. Blu has previously been accused of loading apps on its devices that send data back to China. As […]

Blu Pure XR Offers Powerful Specs For Just $299
Blu has made a name for itself in the affordable smartphone market and it’s doing some great things in this segment. The company today launched its new mid-range smartphone that’s priced at a relatively affordable $299 and it features robust specifications. The price appears reasonable when you consider the fact that it’s $299 for an unlocked, off-contract variant of the Blu Pure XR.


BLU Pure XL Smartphone To Arrive For US Consumers Soon
While the smartphone world is a very competitive one in this day and age, there are also battles brewing on two fronts – one of them would be the “on contract” basis, while the other would involve unlocked handsets. Well, it seems that the BLU Pure XL smartphone that measures at a whopping 6” diagonally will soon be made available directly to those living in the US, which means it […]

BLU Selfie Sports 13MP Cameras
When you have a smartphone that comes with the name BLU Selfie, you can be assured that this is not a device that will sport poor quality cameras – and thankfully, the BLU Selfie, despite not being made by one of the more notable smartphone manufacturers in the market, did not decide to skimp on quality, which is why this particular handset will come with not just one, but two […]

Pinnacle Africa Announces Proline SP4 Smartphone
A new smartphone has been announced – but the thing is, what’s so great about that? New smartphones get announced very often these days. Well, this time around it would not have anything to do with the Android platform, but rather, the Windows Phone mobile operating system. Pinnacle Africa’s latest release, the Proline SP4, is all set to arrive on the South African market this coming January 30th – where […]

BLU Reveals Slew Of New Smartphones
While I am quite sure that many of us have already opened up all of the present that were placed under the tree for the past week or so, how many of them happen to be a smartphone? BLU Products intends to take the Samsung route it seems – that is, to release as many different kinds of models possible where new smartphones are concerned in order to cater to […]

BLU Dash 4.0 And Dash 5.0 To Arrive on Microsoft Store
When we talk about Windows Phone devices, most of the time we would be drawn to those handsets from Nokia, but the thing is, there are also other manufacturers out there in the market. Take BLU Products for instance, based in Florida, they have recently unveiled a couple of new Windows Phone devices that is all set to arrive in the market later this year. In fact, BLU Products have […]