If you’re trying to create an appointment or put together a small-ish event, platforms like Google Calendar are perfect for the job. However what if you’re trying to create a large event with many attendees? While Google Calendar could probably do the job, it might not necessarily be the best solution, but Google wants to change that perception.

Google has recently updated Calendar where they are hoping with the changes, it will do a better job of handling events on a larger scale (200 or more people). According to Google, “Organizing an event with a lot of attendees can be complicated. It’s critical that you allocate the right space for the event, understand how many people will attend, and even check if some specific people, like executives or important clients, will be there. That’s why we’re making it easier to effectively manage events of any size in Google Calendar.”

Some of the changes that they are introducing in this update is the ability to use Google Sheets to better see who is attending, where they can export the guest lists to Sheets for a better viewing experience. There will also be a change in handling large group mailing lists, where according to Google, “Going forward, if a group mailing list has been invited to a newly-created event, Calendar will automatically invite any new group members who join after the invite was sent and automatically remove members who leave.”

The changes to Calendar are being rolled out over the next few days, so do keep an eye out for it if this is something that you might be interested in.

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