#IFA2017, #ShowStoppersIFA – Lenovo is launching the Miix 520, a new 2-in-1 portable PC which addresses the tablet-first market, and competes directly with the Microsoft Surface. As its name indicates, the Miix 520 is an evolution of the Miix 510 and keeps the overall design language, although there are always some small changes.

The Miix 520 weighs less than 2 lbs (~880g) and has an integrated kickstand. We find this to be more stable and sturdy than tablet PCs that use the sleeve/keyboard case with magnets. It is also lower profile, saving previous millimeters when the keyboard is ON. The Miix 520 keyboard is 9.9mm thick, and it has a long travel key of 1.5mm. The keys shaped like Thinkpad keyboard keys.

It is fair to say that tablets that do not have the integrated kickstand will tend to be slimmer when the keyboard is off, even if they will become bulkier and less stable when it is attached. That is the primary difference between the two PC designs.

The Miix 520 gets a 3D scanning function called “Worldview Camera” that seems quite attractive. In theory, you can scan 3D objects using the camera and edit them later, eventually printing them, if you want to. We haven’t been able to evaluate the accuracy of this feature to determine if this is for fun, or if it could be used for DIY or even semi-pro projects. We’ll stay cautious for now, until we try it.

This computer is compatible with Lenovo’s Active Pen 2, which would let users take full advantage of Windows Ink, but also creative applications such as Photoshop and other compatible art applications.

Built for all markets (Business/Creative/Home), this computer has a far-field microphone capability. This means that it can “hear” voice commands from far away. This has been designed with Microsoft’s Cortana in mind. Cortana’s is Windows voice-assistant which can search, and command certain features and apps/services.

Finally, the Miix 520 is powered by Intel’s Gen 8 Core processors, which means that it has twice the number of computing cores than the last generation, going from 2 to 4. Also, the last generation Miix 510 capped at the Core i5 processor model, while the Miix 520 can run with a Core i7. The Miix 520 is much more capable than last year’s model when it comes to creative and multi-tasking.

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