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Moto X4 Review
#IFA2017 The Moto X4 was released in early September 2017 at IFA/Berlin and was originally targeted at the mid-range market. The main features include a dual camera, hands-free support for Alexa voice assistant, Tempow Audio profile (TAP) a unique technology that allows to stream audio to four devices simultaneously. But what really sets the Moto X4 apart is its impressive, unique, and shiny new design!

Roadie By Invoxia Is A Next-Gen Low-Power GPS Tracker
#IFA2017 – #ShowStoppers2017 – Invoxia is aiming to shape the future of GPS tracking and it’s going to try to do that with the Roadie. It’s a new GPS tracker that the company unveiled at the IFA 2017 trade convention in Berlin last week. The company says that the Roadie enables smarter GPS tracking with improved power efficiency as it’s capable of working on low-power networks.

Sennheiser Ambeo Headset Will Record 3D Audio On Your iPhone
#IFA2017 – #ShowStoppers2017 – Sennheiser introduced the Ambeo headset at IFA 2017 in Berlin last week. It’s what the company describes as the “world’s first intuitive mobile 3D recording headset.” The idea behind this product is to enable users to record audio and play it back just like the first time they experienced it. The Ambeo does a very good job of making that happen.

Ubergizmo’s Best of IFA 2017
#IFA2017 – Another IFA came and went, and long with it hundreds of products were launched and demonstrated. It was a fantastic show, but it can be overwhelming. We picked what we think was the best product that debuted, and in no particular order, here are the Best of IFA 2017:


Garmin Launches Vivosport Activity Tracker With GPS
#IFA2017- Garmin has announced the launch of a new vivosport activity tracker in Berlin. The new wearable devices features GPS tracking and Elevate wrist-based heart rate monitoring system. It has an always-on Garmin Chroma color touchscreen display with new built-in sports app for tracking activities like cycling, cardio, and strength training. Garmin says that it has optimized the new vivosport for both indoor and outdoor workouts.

Huawei's New Kirin 970 Processor Has Built-In Artificial Intelligence
#IFA2017 – Huawei unveiled its new Kirin 970 processor at IFA 2017 earlier this week. The company said this chip will power the “future of smartphones.” It has built-in artificial intelligence to enable the handset powered by the Kirin 970 to provide more smart features.

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition Launch Confirmed
#IFA2017 – The BlackBerry KEYOne Black Edition was recently launched as an exclusive in India. It was confirmed several weeks later that AT&T will be carrying this handset exclusively in the United States, Prior to that, Sprint was the only carrier selling BlackBerry’s latest TCL-made handset. The company has now confirmed that it’s going to launch an updated BlackBerry KEYOne in more markets across the globe.

Sony Unveils Smart Speaker Powered By Google Assistant
#IFA2017 – With smart speakers starting to become more mainstream, thanks to companies like Amazon and Google, it isn’t really that surprising to see more companies hop on board the bandwagon. Now Sony has been known for creating some pretty decent audio products, and if you’re looking for a new set of smart speakers, the company has you covered.

Panasonic’s Moving Fridge Will Come To You When Called
#IFA2017 – Have you ever hated getting up from your chair in the room and have to walk over to the kitchen just to get a drink or a snack? Wouldn’t it be much more awesome if your drinks/snacks were delivered to you instead? While getting a butler might be too pricey for some, the folks at Panasonic might have a more hi-tech solution.

Jabra Unveils Elite 25e Wireless Headphones
#IFA2017 – Wireless headphones seem to be the trend at IFA this year, and the folks at Jabra are certainly helping it along as the company has recently announced the Jabra Elite 25e. As you can see in the photo above, these are “true” wireless headphones unlike the Beoplay E8, but rather they are also known as “neckbuds”.

Marshall Upgrades Its Wireless Speakers With Multi-Room Audio
#IFA2017 – The benefit to wireless speakers is that you can place them anywhere, which in theory should allow you to create a multi-room setup. However Marshall’s previous wireless speakers were unfortunately missing that feature, or at least until now where at IFA 2017, the company has updated its wireless lineup with support for multi-room audio.

DJI’s New Mavic Pro Platinum Promises Longer & Quieter Flights
#IFA2017 – The problem with drones is that their flight times tend to be quite short, and not to mention they are incredibly noisy due to the blades whirring. However DJI is hoping to solve that with their latest announcement at IFA 2017 where the company has taken the wraps off a new drone called the Mavic Pro Platinum.

Philips Launches BASS+ Wireless Earbuds
#IFA2017 – While wireless headphones aren’t exactly new, what seems to be the trend these days are wireless earbuds, where these are “true” wireless headphones that do not sport any cables whatsoever, unlike headphones like the BeatsX which still have some cables. In fact throwing their hat into the ring is Philips who has debuted the BASS+.

Razer Unveils New Basilisk Gaming Mouse
#IFA2017 – Gaming mice aren’t necessarily created the same because after all there are so many types of games, and one gaming mouse might not be the perfect fit for all. For example there are gaming mice that feature a ton of customizable buttons for MMORPGS or MOBA, and there are those designed for FPS.

Sennheiser Unveils Wireless Momentum Free Headphones
#IFA2017 – As we’re starting to see the trend of handset makers ditch the headphone jack, much to the annoyance of many users, it also means that need for wireless headphones are on the rise. To be fair wireless headphones have always been a convenient solution, but they’ve always been more optional rather than a necessity, at least until more recent times.

Bragi Dash To Get Amazon’s Alexa In Upcoming Software Update
#IFA2017 – Thanks to Amazon making Alexa almost immediately available to third-party developers right out of the door, it has helped spur the creation of a host of devices that are integrating Alexa support into them, such as speakers, smartphones, and even headphones, which is the case for Bragi.

Beoplay E8 Wireless Earbuds Launched
#IFA2017 – While there are wireless headphones and in-ear headphones, what seems to be popular these days are wireless earbuds, which are tiny earpieces that sit in your ear that are also completely wireless. There are quite a few brands out there, like Apple’s AirPods and also the recently announced JBL Free.

JBL Unveils ‘Free’ Wireless In-Ear Headphones
#IFA2017 – Wireless headphones are great because of the fact that there are no wires, so there is no worry about having to untangle them when you take them out of your bag, and also not have to deal with having the wire get caught on things. So if you’re in the market for something that’s small and extremely portable, the recently announced JBL Free could be of interest to […]

Harman Kardon Allure Alexa Speakers Launched
#IFA2017 – There are a few Alexa-powered speakers available in the market today, but in case you’re shopping about for more alternatives, you might be interested to learn that Harman Kardon has recently taken the wraps off their latest set of speakers called the Harman Kardon Allure.

JBL Boombox Portable Speakers Launched With 24 Hours Battery Life
#IFA2017 – If you’re in the market for a new set of Bluetooth speakers, but you wanted something with a bit more oomph in terms of sound, obviously getting those tiny pocket-sized Bluetooth speakers aren’t the way to go about it. In fact just recently JBL has taken the wraps off a new Bluetooth speaker in the form of the JBL Boombox.