With the upcoming Microsoft Xbox One X being touted as the most powerful console released by Microsoft to date (and possibly amongst all the consoles at the moment), and with Microsoft making claims that it will be able to handle games in native 4K, one would expect that running a game at Full HD at 60fps would not be an issue, right?

Unfortunately as far as Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed Origins is concerned, it looks like the company has yet to settle on a framerate for the game. This came about after a report was posted onto YouTube in which YouTuber Dee Batch mentioned that the game on the Xbox One X would allow gamers to run it at 1080p resolution with a framerate of 60fps, but Ubisoft has since come forward to address those rumors, essentially saying that they have yet to determine anything.

In a statement provided to DualShockers, “It is too soon for us to say, as of today as the game framerate has not been locked yet. Our goal is take full advantage of the hardware horsepower to deliver the best possible experience on all platforms.  Assassin’s Creed Origins will use dynamic resolution rendering, so the resolution will adapt to ensure a smooth frame rate and the best image possible in all situations.”

This doesn’t mean that the rumors aren’t true, but for now it seems that Ubisoft is still trying to determine what the best balance is, but for gamers who are planning on getting the game and/or the Xbox One X, here’s hoping that the 1080p @ 60fps mode will be realized.

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