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Origin Puts An Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, And Gaming PC In One Machine
Origin has made a gaming machine to end all gaming machines. If you’re the kind of gamer who wants to own all of the consoles and a proper gaming PC then this custom creation from Origin PC will appeal to you. It has the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and a proper gaming PC in one case.

Microsoft’s Next-Gen Xbox Will Be Four Times More Powerful Than The Xbox One X
The Microsoft Xbox One X is supposed to be one of the most powerful consoles available at the moment. It has the ability to play games at a native 4K, which is pretty impressive when you consider how much power rendering things in 4K consistently requires, but later this year, Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox will make the Xbox One X look downright silly.

Microsoft Unveils Custom Themed Oreo Cookie Xbox One X
If you’re a fan of limited and specially designed custom consoles, then you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has announced a special edition Xbox One X. As you can see in the image below, it is a console that has been designed to look like an Oreo, or least it shares the black and white colors of an oreo, although we reckon it feels more like an Oreo […]

Microsoft Discounts All Xbox One Bundles By $50
If you have been meaning to pick up an Xbox One you may want to do so now. Microsoft has discounted all Xbox One bundles by $50 so you get a good value for money. These bundles are available from the company’s own online store in addition to Walmart, Best Buy, and other retailers. Even the new Xbox One X bundle that has the upcoming Metro: Exodus title and its […]


Microsoft Black Friday 2018 Deal Offers Xbox One X For $399
The Xbox One X is the most powerful console that Microsoft has ever made. It’s capable of powering a full 4K gaming experience. Microsoft has been selling the console for $499. It’s now offering a substantial discount on it as part of its Black Friday 2018 deals. The Xbox One X will be available for $399 but only for a limited time.

Limited Edition Xbox One X Starts Up With Taco Bell's Famous 'Ring'
Microsoft and Taco Bell have teamed up for a promotion which gives fans a chance to win a limited edition Xbox One X. It’s going to be a special console in that it will play Taco Bell’s famous “ring” when it’s powered on. This is the first such partnership of its kind that we have seen from Microsoft for its Xbox consoles.

Microsoft Launches The Xbox One X In White
Have you been looking to buy Xbox One X in white? That wasn’t possible until today because this color option was not available with Microsoft’s most powerful console previously. The company did offer the Xbox One S in white but not the Xbox One X. That changes today as Microsoft has officially announced that the Xbox One X can indeed be purchased in white.

Battlefield 1’s Summer Update Patch Has Been Released
Just yesterday the official Battlefield account tweeted that Battlefield 1 would be receiving a Summer Update patch in which it would be bringing about various improvements and changes to the game, one of which is that the game would finally be bringing 4K support for the Xbox One X.

Battlefield 1 For Xbox One X Gets 4K Support
With consoles like the Microsoft Xbox One X, playing games in 4K resolution has become a default feature, whereas in the past things like resolution and framerate would often depend on how well the developer has chosen to optimize their game for the console. For those who are still playing EA’s Battlefield 1, there is good news for you guys.

Darksiders 3 Release Date Possibly Leaked On Microsoft Store
It has been a few months since Darksiders 3 was announced and now much has been revealed about the game since then. No information has been officially revealed concerning its release date but it appears that the Darksiders 3 release date may have been leaked on the Microsoft Store. A listing appeared on the store which suggested a possible release date for the title.

Xbox One Summer Bundles With PUBG And Minecraft Launched
Microsoft is welcoming the summer with two new Xbox One bundles. The bundles have been launched with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, arguably one of the most popular games of the year, and the evergreen Minecraft. Both bundles will begin shipping soon to customers in the United States.

Microsoft Discounts Xbox One X For E3 2018 Week
The biggest gaming convention of the year, E3, is just around the corner and Microsoft is celebrating it in a big way. The company has announced that it’s dropping the price of its 4K Xbox One X console for the first time. Microsoft says that its E3 2018 week sale is actually its “Biggest Xbox Sale of the Year.”

The Division Xbox One X Patch Release Date Confirmed
Ubisoft had already confirmed that it’s going to release an Xbox One X patch for The Division which will enable the title to leverage the additional performance offered by Microsoft’s most powerful console yet. It has now confirmed The Division Xbox One X patch release date. The patch is going to be out in less than two weeks.

Microsoft Offering Free Sea Of Thieves With Xbox One X Purchase
Microsoft is pulling out all the stops for the upcoming Sea of Thieves title. The company has already announced the Sea of Thieves Xbox One S bundle and it’s now bringing back a promotion that it previously offered for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The company has confirmed that for a limited time it’s going to give away free Sea of Thieves copies to customers who purchase the Xbox One X.