While Nintendo is not the company that develops Pokemon, nor are they the ones who own it (they do control some shares in the company), given that Pokemon has been pretty much released exclusively on Nintendo devices to date, it’s not that hard to associate Nintendo and Pokemon with each other.

However could it possibly be that one day we might see a Pokemon game released on non-Nintendo consoles? Unfortunately for non-Nintendo hopefuls, it seems like that will be unlikely (we’re assuming they mean the main Pokemon RPG), or at least that seems to be the general consensus according to an interview with Game Informer where an employee at Game Freak was asked about the partnership between Nintendo and the Pokemon franchise.

According to Junichi Masuda, an employee at Game Freak since 1989, it seems that being exclusive to Nintendo has helped with the Pokemon franchise. “Everyone really knows Nintendo; there is a familiarity with the brand, and they have that really strong brand and Pokemon being associated with that and being affiliated with that brand is very important.”

He goes to say that he doubts that straying from the exclusive is probably not going to happen. “With Pokemon, at least, we really feel it is really important to be with Nintendo, specifically with the Pokemon titles, so I don’t think that would ever happen.” That being said, it’s hard to predict the future, although right now the success of the 3DS handheld consoles and the Switch means that there is more reason for Pokemon to remain a Nintendo exclusive.

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