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A new report today claims that AT&T and ZTE have teamed up to offer a tablet that’s quite different from the ones available in the market today. The two have reportedly been working on a dual-screen foldable tablet that unfolds into a 6.8 inch slate. According to the report, this device will be launched with the Axon Multy moniker.


This report comes from none other than Evan Blass or @evleaks who has been right on countless accounts in the past about his leaks.

He claims to have heard from a person brief about the new tablet that it’s going to be like a horizontal clamshell with it folding along its vertical axis. When the device hasn’t been folded out, the individual 1920×1080 pixel resolution display will sit on both the front and rear faces of the device.

When unfolded, the two displays will reportedly meet at the hinge to form a continuous display that measures 6.8 inches.

The full spec sheet of this tablet hasn’t been shared as yet but it’s reportedly going to feature the Snapdragon 820 processor from Qualcomm with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage alongside 3,102mAh battery.

AT&T will reportedly be the only carrier in the United States to sell this ZTE-made tablet in the country. It’s expected to be available starting next month for $650.

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