Amazon sells a variety of Kindle models and the new Kindle Oasis is one of them. The e-reader offers good functionality, it’s even waterproof, and it also has support for Audible. If you think that the Kindle Oasis is not something you’d like to spend a lot of money on, don’t worry. According to a new report, Amazon is soon going to add Audible support to its cheapest Kindle e-reader.


The way that Audible is supported on the Kindle Oasis is that users have to connect the device with a Bluetooth speaker or headphone. It’s only after that does Audible enable them to listen to audiobooks on the e-reader.

Amazon has now updated the product page of its cheapest Kindle model to confirm that it’s going to receive support for Audible “in the coming months.” Since the e-reader doesn’t have speakers onboard, it’s likely going to be a similar implementation of the feature like it is on the Oasis. Users will have to pair a Bluetooth speaker or headphone with the Kindle when they want to listen to a book.

The company hasn’t confirmed precisely when this feature is going to arrive. The updated product page only mentions that the feature will be rolled out through an over-the-air update in the near future. Amazon hasn’t confirmed if this feature will land on the Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage as well.

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