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Audible Back On Sonos Once Again
Sonos mistakenly published a blog post a couple of weeks ago announcing that Audible support had finally arrived. The company quickly took down the post and confirmed that it was working on the feature and that it would arrive soon. That day is today. Sonos has officially announced that Audible is now supported, no more take backs.

Sonos Audible Support Is Finally Here
Audible is a widely used audiobook service that for some odd reason wasn’t supported on Sonos but that’s finally changing today. The company has confirmed today that Sonos audible support is finally here. This means that users with Sonos smart speakers will now be able to listen to audiobooks from Audible. For those who don’t know, Audible is an audiobook service owned by Amazon.

Amazon's Cheapest Kindle Gets Audible Support
Amazon sells a variety of Kindle models and the new Kindle Oasis is one of them. The e-reader offers good functionality, it’s even waterproof, and it also has support for Audible. If you think that the Kindle Oasis is not something you’d like to spend a lot of money on, don’t worry. According to a new report, Amazon is soon going to add Audible support to its cheapest Kindle e-reader.

Amazon Prime Members Now Get Audiobooks From Audible
There are countless situations where you would like to continue reading a book but it would simply not be possible for you to hold one and do something else at the same time. You can’t be reading behind the wheel of a car now, can now, and this is where audiobooks come in handy. They enable you to “read” even when you’re doing something that make it impossible to physically […]


Audible Contains Loophole That Leads To Free Unlimited Audio Book Downloads
You know what they say – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When it comes to the digital world, nothing is safe – not even a printer, as that too can be hacked to have a game of Doom run on it. This time around, a teenager in India found a major loophole in Audible, an Amazon-owned audio book retailer, which would enable exploiters to download […]