The world has moved on since the ’90s and we’ve left many of the things that we used back then in the past. AOL Instant Messenger or AIM is one of those things. Seeing as how there’s no need for it to be around anymore, Oath has confirmed that AIM will be shut down on December 15. Oath is the Verizon subsidiary that holds the combined operations of AOL and Yahoo.

AIM has also cemented its place in pop culture, at least for those who were able to use it back then. It was truly something that made communication easy for people in the late 1990s and that’s precisely why people loved it.

AIM got its start as a chat app that was built inside America Online’s desktop client. It really became popular in the late 1990s when it has launched as a standalone app.

It has been almost 20 years since AIM was launched and we’ve seen the world change before our very eyes. The way we communicate is faster and more efficient than it has ever been, and tech continues to advance and disrupt.

Michael Albers, VP of Communications Product at Oath, has confirmed that since the way we communicate with each other has changed significantly, the decision has been made to discontinue AIM effective December 15th, 2017. Godspeed, AIM.

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