It was initially thought that it was impossible to shrink down a full-frame sensor that could fit into a non-DSLR body, but that’s exactly what Sony has done where they have launched not only full-frame mirrorless cameras, but full-frame compacts as well. This has ultimately spurred the competition to work on similar devices.

In fact Canon is one of them as we have been hearing rumors that the company had a full-frame mirrorless in the works. Now according to a new report from Canon Rumors, they have heard from their sources that the rumored Canon full-frame mirrorless might actually feature its own dedicated sensor, versus reusing a full-frame sensor found on other Canon cameras like the EOS 6D Mark II or the EOS 5D Mark IV.

Apparently this information was revealed during an internal presentation that laid out Canon’s roadmap for the future. Unfortunately details about this particular sensor is unclear so we’re not sure what to expect. However the report does claim that we probably shouldn’t expect to hear an announcement at least until August 2018 which is roughly around Photokina.

This is in line with earlier rumors that suggested that Canon’s full-frame mirrorless might only be launched in 2018. It will be interesting to see if the rumors are true, especially when you consider that Nikon is also said to be working on a full-frame mirrorless of their own.

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