When you think of smartphones with great cameras, chances are companies like Apple or Samsung might come to mind because over the years, both companies have managed to maintain the quality of their cameras. Google’s Nexus phones on the other hand haven’t exactly been known to sport the best cameras, although admittedly over the years Google has been trying.

In fact it seems that Google might have gotten it right with the recently announced Pixel 2 smartphone. This is according to an extensive review conducted by DxOMark in which the publication has found that the Pixel 2’s camera is the best smartphone camera in the market to date, giving it an impressive score of 98.

The Pixel 2’s score of 98 has managed to beat out both the iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, both of whom were previously tied for the top spot at 94. One of the reasons why the Pixel 2 managed to lay claim to the title was its ability to capture photos with a wide dynamic range, as well as maintaining a high level of detail preservation.

DxOMark also cites strong flash performance, good bokeh and subject separation, and also the image stabilization features. Now whether or not you think that the Pixel 2’s camera is better is subjective. After all a camera is just a tool and how good your photos turn out will depend on other factors as well, but it’s something to consider if you’re looking for a good camera.

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