The problem with being the photographer is that most of the time you aren’t in the photos. This means that while you can capture some truly great and unexpected moments, the fact that you’re not in those photos can be something of a missed opportunity, like a great family moment and so on.

However Google wants to fix that by launching Clips. This is a tiny camera that according to Google is powered by machine learning so that it knows when to take a photo. According to Google, “We’ve put machine learning capabilities directly into Clips so when you turn it on, the camera looks for good moments to capture. Clips looks for stable, clear shots of people you know. You can help the camera learn who is important to you so when grandma comes in town, you’ll capture the grand entrance.”

However if you don’t quite trust the machine learning capabilities of Clips, not to worry as the camera comes with a shutter button that you can press physically, as well as an accompanying app that lets you capture photos remotely, so you can just set it down and just snap at moments you think are important to you.

Google Clips will play nicely with both iOS and Android devices and will be launching soon in the US where it will be priced at $250. Interestingly enough Google notes that the first-generation of Clips has been designed for parents and pet owners in mind, which has us wondering what future versions could be like?

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