If you like to take a lot of pictures of your pets (then again, who doesn’t?), you might want to back them up on Google Photos as the service is better at recognizing your best friends. It can actually recognize your pets which means that you no longer have to search for their pictures on Google Photos by typing generic search terms such as “dog” or “cat.” It’s going to be much easier now.


Google Photos users will now be able to see photos of cats and dogs grouped alongside people so they can label them by name. This will enable them quickly search and pull up their photos. This also makes it easier to create albums, movies, and even photo books of pets.

Alongside grouping photos of pets, Google Photos also enables users to search by breed so they can easily find pictures of their Husky or Poodle. It’s even possible to search by emoji.

Google has said that this feature is now being rolled out in most countries across the globe starting today. Head over to Google Photos right now to see whether it has gone live in your region or not. Even if it hasn’t, it won’t be long before it does.

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