Our smartphone cameras these days are becoming more sophisticated not just in the hardware department, but also in the software side of things. This is because as our phones are so thin, smartphone makers have had to turn to a variety of solutions to achieve the effect and quality that one might expect from a dedicated camera.

That being said, the question is can a smartphone camera completely replace a “proper” camera? That’s what the folks at AppleInsider are trying to find out with their latest video that compares the video quality shot on the recently-released iPhone 8 Plus versus that of the Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera.

Given that both devices are capable of shooting 4K at 60fps, could you technically replace the GH5 with the iPhone 8 Plus? From what we can tell, for the most part unless you are very particular about certain video recording aspects, on the surface it appears that Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus can hold its ground.

However if you are serious about videography, then perhaps a dedicated camera might be a better solution. The video shows that due to the compression used in the iPhone 8 Plus, artifacts in videos can be found, plus the color/vibrancy doesn’t quite match the Lumix GH5, then there is also the issue of low-light situations where it is clear that the larger sensor, image processor, and lens on the GH5 gives it a very huge advantage.

Like we said at the end of the day if you just want to capture regular footage, you could potentially get away with the iPhone 8 Plus. However if you want to create high-quality videos, then perhaps it would be a better idea to invest in a proper camera setup.

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