Imagine finding yourself in a situation when you’re giving a presentation about your company’s products and have to use a competitor’s product just to get through your presentation because a similar product from your company fails. That’s precisely the situation a Microsoft engineer found himself in recently. He had to hit pause on his Azure presentation in a live demo session and install Google Chrome because Microsoft’s very own Edge web browser wouldn’t stop crashing.

This mildly amusing incident was recorded and even uploaded to YouTube by Microsoft itself. The presentation was aimed at showing potential Azure customers how they can migrate their apps and data to Microsoft’s cloud service.

Microsoft’s Edge web browser kept crashing halfway through the presentation. It got to the point that the employee threw in the towel and asked the audience for a minute because he needed to install Google Chrome.

He even remarked jokingly that his blunder “is not going to help make Google better,” when Chrome prompted him to select whether or not he wanted to share browser data and usage stats with Google.

The humor in this is not lost on the employee or the audience as giggling breaks out in the audience. The entire ordeal lasted for about four minutes and you can see it for yourself in the video posted above. It starts at around the 37:10 mark in the video.

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