Microsoft is likely going to announce Windows 10 Cloud at its event tomorrow. Windows 10 Cloud is believed to be a new version of the operating system that’s going to run apps made for the Windows Store. It’s going to be Microsoft’s answer to Chromebooks. To better compete against Chromebooks, Microsoft is reportedly going to separate Microsoft Edge updates from Windows 10 OS updates.

Apart from security updates, the Edge browser receives major updates only twice a year which are timed with new feature builds of Windows 10. That’s different from Chrome which receives frequent and seamless updates from Google.

Citing internal sources, Neowin claims that after the next major Windows 10 update is released this September, Edge updates will be separate from OS updates. This will enable users to get updates for the Edge browser from the Windows Store. Microsoft will then be able to quickly add features to the browser without having to wait for the next major update for Windows 10.

This should, at least in theory, make Microsoft Edge more capable of competing against Chrome which remains the undisputed king of web browsers. The downside for Microsoft here is that it won’t be able to list new features for Edge in its bi-annual updates for Windows 10 since it won’t be waiting that long to send them out.

The company is likely going to confirm this change at its #MicrosoftEDU event tomorrow.

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