There seems to be a resurgence these days when it comes to classic consoles. While companies like Sony and Microsoft are focused towards the future and creating insanely powerful consoles, we have other companies like Atari and Nintendo re-releasing consoles from back in the day.

As if you didn’t have enough to choose from, the folks at Retro Games Limited have announced that they will be releasing a mini version of the classic Commodore 64. For those unfamiliar, the Commodore 64 isn’t so much a console but more of a computer, although the version that Retro Games Limited will be releasing will be focusing on the gaming aspects of it.

There will be 64 games that will come preloaded onto the device and all gamers have to do is plug in the device to their TV and they’ll be good to go. We’re not sure if there are plans to eventually add more games, or if they will be going down the Nintendo route where the games are set and final. The full list of games can be found on its website.

It will be priced at $70 and while no specific release date has been set, it is expected to be released some time in 2018. It also seems that Retro Games Limited has plans to release a full sized version of the device later in 2018 as well, so if the Mini Commodore 64 doesn’t cut it for you, there’ll be a larger one available as well.

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