One of the point of having a phone is to communicate, but when your phone loses some of its communication features, wouldn’t that kind of defeat the point? This appears to be happening to some Pixel owners who have suddenly found themselves unable to receive text messages despite undergoing various troubleshooting steps.

According to the post which was made on the Google Support Forums, “Have a relatively new Google Pixel XL on Verizon running Android 8.0 (recently updated). Absurd issue: About the time I upgraded to 8.0 (may not be related), on either Google Message or Verizon Message+, I can SEND texts, but I cannot RECEIVE texts on the phone.”

Several users have since chimed in claiming that they are experiencing the same problem as well, although in some cases some users claim that rebooting or factory resetting their phone seems to get things working again. However for those who still can’t get it to work, not to worry as Google’s Community Manager Orrin has responded by saying that Google is aware of the issue and are looking towards a fix.

“Thanks for all of the reports. The team is aware of this issue and working towards a fix. Some of you have mentioned that rebooting or factory resetting the device resolved the issue. Definitely try to reboot, and if you do factory reset, make sure all of your data/info is backed up.”

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