Heads up gamers, it seems that Sony has recently issued a hardware update to its PS4 Pro console. This was initially discovered by Japanese website 4Gamer (via DualShockers) who found that in Japan, the PS4 Pro’s model had been changed from CUH-7000 to CUH-7100, indicating that the models are different.

However the good news is that when they inquired with Sony, the company did confirm that the console had received a minor hardware update in the form of some changes to the internal components, but at the same time Sony also reassured gamers that there will be no changes made to the specs or features of the console.

It seems that these kind of hardware updates aren’t very uncommon. Sometimes companies make hardware changes to existing products when they can find a new component that does the same job but costs less, or if they have to change suppliers for a particular component, but for the most part none of these changes actually impacts performance otherwise we’d be hearing a lot more about it.

It has been pointed out that the PS4 Pro “Rathalos Edition” for Monster Hunter will be featuring the newer model, just in case anyone is interested or keeping track.

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