Unfortunately some apartments have rules in which you cannot keep a pet. This means that if you’re someone who grew up with a pet or still own a pet in your current house, you might have some issues with moving in. However at CEATEC 2017, Japanese company Yukai Engineering recently unveiled a hi-tech modern solution for your problem.

Dubbed Qoobo, this is a robotic pillow that has been designed and made to resemble the body of a cat without its legs and head. It just comes with a furry body and a tail that can wag when you stroke it! It’s been dubbed a therapy robot which could come in handy for those who find comfort in stroking their pets, but aren’t allowed to keep one.

It seems that the Qoobo is pretty realistic in terms of its actions where depending on the intensity of the stroking, the tail will wag just as intensely as well. According to the company’s CEO Shunsuke Aoki, this is based on research conducted on how cats and dogs behave when stroked.

The company has plans to launch Qoobo using a crowdfunding platform later this year where it is expected to be ready in June 2018. It is also expected to cost around $100, which is pretty expensive, but if you think that it might be able to help with anxiety or depression, it could be a cheaper alternative to owning a pet.

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