Based on information like shipping figures, sales, and usage, it’s pretty obvious that tablet owners do not update their tablets every year unlike smartphones. This is why it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that there are still many tablet owners holding onto their devices which are several years old.

Now if you are such an owner of a old tablet, like the third-gen iPad, for example, you might be interested to know that Apple is expected to declare the third-gen iPad obsolete later this month. This is based on an alleged memo that Apple has sent out to employees informing them about their plans, stating that both the WiFi and cellular models will be cut from the list of officially support devices.

Given that the third-gen iPad is already five years old, this hardly comes as a surprise. That and the fact that Apple seems to be more interested in pushing the iPad Pro and the capabilities of the Apple Pencil. So what does a product being marked obsolete mean? According to Apple’s definition, “Apple has discontinued all hardware service for obsolete products with no exceptions. Service providers cannot order parts for obsolete products.”

This means that official repairs will no longer be possible, although you could probably still take it to third-party/unofficial repair shops, but there might not be a guarantee that they’ll have the parts. Then again after five years, we suppose it might be time for an upgrade anyway.

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