At the start of the year, it was discovered that in one of the betas for WhatsApp that the company could soon be adding a much requested feature: the ability to unsend/recall messages. Right now users can delete messages that they’ve sent, but this is only applied to their own screen and it doesn’t actually delete it from the other user’s screen.


Now if you’re the type that gets into the bad habit of sending drunk text messages, you’ll be pleased to learn that WhatsApp is now rolling out the unsend feature. It appears that this rollout is a gradual one as not all users can see it yet (I personally don’t have the feature yet), but given that the feature’s information has been posted onto WhatsApp’s FAQ section, presumably it will eventually find its way to all users.

According to the FAQ, there are several things to note about this feature. One of them is that it requires you and the other person to own the latest version of WhatsApp with the feature supported. If you have the latest version but the recipient does not, then deleting your message will do nothing.

Also if the person has already seen your message then deleting it would also be kind of pointless. In any case it is a long-awaited feature so do keep an eye out for it if this is something you’ve been looking forward to.

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