It was first reported back in 2014 that Amazon was thinking about developing a free version of its Amazon Prime Video streaming service. The company would have launched it as an ad-supported service instead. Amazon has denied the reports in the past but they have surfaced yet again. A new report claims that Amazon is developing a free ad-supported version of Amazon Prime Video.


Ad Age reports that Amazon is in talks with TV networks, media companies, and movie studios to get them to provide programming for the free service.

Previous reports have also claimed that the free service will exist alongside the paid option that’s also offered as part of the $99 per year Amazon Prime subscription. The new report doesn’t suggest anything to the contrary.

Amazon Prime Video users don’t really have to put up with advertisements right now. The company did put ads inside the National Football League games this season and it has also offered some opportunities for brand integrations. That’s about it.

A full-fledged ad-supported streaming service would be entirely different. Users will be able to access the content for free as long as they put up with the video ads. Such a service would enable Amazon to bring in a lot more viewers as competition between tech giants competing in the online video space heats up.

Amazon has not yet commented on this report. It’s unclear at this point in time when the company is planning to launch this service, if it is working on one at all.

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