If you’re looking for your console to do more than just play video games, you’re not alone as it seems that this is the direction that many companies are taking their consoles towards these days. In fact you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently announced (via TechCrunch) that Amazon Prime Video will now be globally available for Xbox One owners (and Xbox One X owners as well upon the console’s launch).

What this means is that if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you will be able to access Prime Video content on your Xbox One console. If you’re not a Prime member, then perhaps this could be another reason for you to sign up for it. It will allow users to watch all kinds of Prime Video content, including Amazon Originals.

There is also some good news for those living in Australia and New Zealand. According to Microsoft, to celebrate the launch of Prime Video on the Xbox One, residents of those two countries will be able to enjoy a discounted rate of $2.99 a month to subscribe to Prime Video for the first 6-months, after which it will jump to $5.99.

In the meantime the Apple TV is expected to get access to Amazon Prime Video as well, but last we heard the launch of the app has since been delayed.

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