Thanks to technology we’ve seen how companies like Sony have managed to take 1-inch sensors and cram them into compact camera bodies, which we suppose in a way sparked a race and revolution as more companies started to do it too. Unfortunately for fans of Fujifilm, it seems that we shouldn’t hold our breaths for a 1-inch sensor for now.

This is according to a recent YouTube video uploaded by TCSTV in which as noted by Fuji Rumors, Fuji Guys’ Billy mentioned in the comments section that the 1-inch sensor camera market at the moment is “overcrowded”. This led to speculation that this could indicate that Fujifilm doesn’t see it as too lucrative to get into, especially with the number of players already in the market.

We did hear rumors that Fujifilm was working on a camera with a 1-inch sensor back in 2015, but what exactly happened to that camera in question is unclear. Could it still be in the works, or could it have been shelved due to the company feeling that the market was a tad too crowded for their liking?

Back in 2016 it was reported that Fujifilm was reportedly done with 2/3-inch sensors and will not be continuing its compact cameras following the X30. At the moment Fujifilm’s X-series of cameras like the X-T2, X-Pro2, and the X100F all use APS-C sensors, which seems to be the company’s strategy moving forwards.

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