The problem with laptop screens is that because of how laptops are positioned when on our laps or on the table, that at certain angles it’s hard to see the screen. This is why it isn’t uncommon to see people constantly adjusting their laptop screens when they are out and about, but that’s something Google might change in the future.

In a patent discovered by Patently Apple (via 9to5Google), it seems that Google has filed a patent for a motorized laptop hinge that can automatically adjust itself based on the user’s face. This means that if the laptop detects that your face is not at an ideal angle, the laptop’s display could move accordingly to make it better for your viewing.

The patent reads, “In one embodiment, the computer may have an image sensor configured to detect the user’s face and continuously adjust the angle and position of the lid to keep the face in the field of view of the camera and/or keep the lid in the optimum viewing position.” We’re not sure how this might be better than adjusting it yourself since the motor could be slower than using our hands, but it’s an interesting idea.

The patent also talks about how the motorized hinge could allow a laptop to open up when the user is nearby (like those motorized toilet seats you find in Japan), or when the user touches the laptop itself. Whether or not this patent actually becomes a reality remains to be seen, but the patent was filed back in 2013 which means that it has been around for a while.

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