HP customers have made countless complaints about an app that the company has installed on some of its PCs which is actually slowing them down. The company has apparently been rolling out the app without permission from users. If that sounds familiar, Lenovo recently paid a $3.5 million for doing something similar.


Computer World has gathered many reports from HP customers which reveal that the company has been rolling out a telemetry app on PCs without asking for the user’s permission.

The app is called “HP Touchpoint Analytics Service” and it looks to be a replacement for the self-managed HP Touchpoint Manager solution. Its official description reveals that the app will provide users with “the tools you need to ensure all your managed devices’ security — and brings you greater peace of mind”.

That’s not what it’s bringing to users, though. A complaint on the HP support website mentions that the app has been “making my computer work so hard I can hear it like cranking away and the light in the back of my computer is flashing rapidly in-tune with the cranking. In Task Manager I can see it starting and stopping numerous applications.”

What’s not clear is that how HP is rolling out this app to PCs. Perhaps it’s bundling them with the latest Windows updates. Users also don’t like that it’s sending telemetry data from their machines back to HP without their consent.

It’s possible to remove it entirely and it’s actually easy to do that. However, an official response from HP will certainly be appreciated, but one has yet to be issued.

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