In previous iterations of iOS, whenever the user brought up Control Center and toggled WiFi or Bluetooth on/off, it did exactly that. It turned on/off WiFi and Bluetooth. However with iOS 11, Apple tried to be “smart” about it by only temporarily turning off WiFi/Bluetooth, where after 24 hours it will be turned back on.


Users who wanted to completely disable WiFi or Bluetooth had to go into the Settings app to do so, which while not terribly inconvenient, isn’t particularly efficient and kind of defeats the point of the shortcuts in the first place. However it seems that come iOS 11.2, Apple will make that clearer to users.

Apple has recently released iOS 11.2 Beta 3 to developers and it has been discovered that when users toggle WiFi/Bluetooth off from Control Center, a popup message will appear to explain that the features are only disabled until the next day, and that in the meantime WiFi/Bluetooth functionality will continue to exist for certain features/services/devices.

These messages will popup only the first time it is used, and subsequent toggling will see a message shown at the top that reads, “Disconnecting Nearby Wi-Fi Networks Until Tomorrow” or “Disconnecting Bluetooth Devices Until Tomorrow.” Once again we’re not sure why Apple doesn’t just revert back to how it used to be, especially given the criticisms that they’ve faced over this particular feature, but we guess Apple offering an explanation to users is the best we can hope for for now.

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