In the never-ending debate between iOS and Android users, there is one fact that cannot be denied and that is iOS devices get their updates in a timely manner, meaning that whenever an update is released, iOS devices around the world typically get it all at the same time, and there is also support for older devices, something that sometimes Android manufacturers ignore.

That being said it is also why it isn’t surprising to see iOS updates get adopted a lot faster than Android, and why based on the latest figures, it has been revealed that iOS 11 is now installed on 52% of all iOS devices. It seems that a hefty portion at 38% belongs to iOS 11, while the remaining belongs to older iOS updates.

Now 52% does seem like a pretty big number, but it has been previously noted that this is slower compared to previous iOS releases. For example iOS 10 managed to hit 14.4% in the first 24 hours, while iOS 11 only managed 10%. It seems that the problems plaguing initial releases have compounded over the years and made users more reluctant to update right away.

iOS 11 is no exception to that and there have been various reports of issues since its release, such as apps feeling sluggish, bad battery life, and so on. However Apple has fixed some of those issues since, but we guess ultimately it has slowed adoption down a bit.

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