Jailbreaking used to be all the rage a couple of years ago. Not anymore. The process enabled users to access customization options for their iOS devices that were otherwise not allowed by Apple. It also allowed for app piracy on Apple’s operating system. The jailbreak community has more or less faded into oblivion over the past couple of years so it’s no surprise to see that iOS jailbreak repositories are now shutting down. As there’s no user interest remaining in them, there’s no need for these repositories to remain up and running.

Two of the most popular jailbreak repositories have now been shut down. ModMyi was the first one. The team mentioned that since there was no interest from the community, the server costs were “insane” and the money that the repository was generating was below the required amount to keep it running. It wasn’t even making enough to break even, let alone turn a profit.

MaCiti, another popular jailbreak repository, has shut down now. The inevitable happened and it had to be shut down. The reality will soon also catch up with the other minor repositories that are currently running. They won’t be able to generate the funds required to break even.

It also doesn’t help that the latest version of iOS hasn’t been jailbroken. Moreover, there’s just no longer the kind of interest that there once way in jailbreaking and it’s hard to say if it’s ever going to be like that again.

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