Magic tricks involving cards and coins aren’t new and have been around for ages and are still performed and enjoyed by many today. However with technology such as smartphones and tablets coming into the picture, they do present themselves as an opportunity to be used as props or in the routine of a magician.

Magician Simon Pierro has been taking advantage of technology in his routines and in his latest video, which he dedicates to a legendary magician named Cardini, he takes and iPad and performs some pretty stunning sleight of hand tricks with them. It is a pretty fun performance and it is definitely not the first time we’re seeing magicians rely on their smartphones and tablets to pull off some amazing performances.

In fact there are actually some apps out there that help magicians perform their tricks, which if you’re interested you can check them out and then perform for your friends. That being said, Pierro’s YouTube channel does play host to quite a few tablet-related magic tricks so if you’re into magic they could be worth taking a look at as well. In the meantime you can watch Pierro’s iPad performance in the video above if you have a few minutes to spare.

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