With Blizzard having officially remastered the original StarCraft, we’re sure that there are gamers who might be eager to look forward to Blizzard remastering more of their old games. In fact earlier this year there were rumors saying that remasters of Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 could be in the works.

While Blizzard hasn’t denied that possibility, it seems that gamers probably shouldn’t hold their breath at the idea of seeing those games getting remastered. This is according to a recent interview with Blizzard’s senior producer on the Classic Games team, Peter Stilwell who spoke to the folks at PCGamesN.

According to Stilwell, the reason we’re not seeing older Blizzard games remastered yet is because they don’t feel like the games in their current version are perfect, or at least good enough to be remastered. Stilwell points to the Blizzard forums where players still have a ton of gripes regarding some of the older games, and until Blizzard feels that everyone is happy with the game, then only will they proceed with remastering it, or at least look into it.

Stilwell was quoted as saying, “So we don’t feel like we’re at that stage yet with the others, we want to have that moment where the community is cool to play [the version of the game] while we figure out whatever, [so] we don’t have to cringe every day as we read the forums.” That being said, we have to wonder if maybe Blizzard’s resources could be spent making Diablo 4 or Warcraft 4 even. What do you guys say?

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