With the OnePlus 5T having been officially announced, we’re sure some are wondering what will become of the OnePlus 5? Does OnePlus plan on keeping two flagships around? One priced cheaper than the other? That’s pretty much the plan, at least for now until the OnePlus 5’s stock has been depleted.

In a report from The Indian Express who spoke to OnePlus India’s General Manager Vikas Aggarwal, it seems that Aggarwal has confirmed to the publication that the OnePlus 5 will be officially discontinued once it has been sold out. He points to the OnePlus 3T which was discontinued earlier this year, and noted that the same will eventually happen for the OnePlus 5.

According to Aggarwal, “The same goes for the OnePlus 5, which will also be sold out in sometime, and we’ll have only one product OnePlus 5T in the market. As a brand we want to make sure there is one device which is the latest, and the previous devices are usually sold out once the new product launches.”

However we’re not sure when that will be as we have no idea how much stock OnePlus has left of the OnePlus 5. However if you’re looking to save a bit of money and aren’t too concerned about the OnePlus 5T’s larger display, then perhaps now would be a good time to consider the OnePlus 5 while it is still available.

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