The OnePlus 5T will be the company’s next smartphone and this has been confirmed by OnePlus and their upcoming event in New York. However what is unclear is the pricing of the phone, which last we heard could be kept under $600, with some rumors suggesting that it could be priced the same as the OnePlus 5 whose base model starts at $479.

For those who are hoping that will be the case, you might be disappointed as OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has since tweeted that might not be the case. According to Lau’s tweet, he talks about the rising cost of smartphone components, but he also adds that smartphones are getting better as well, and that OnePlus users will “appreciate” what’s coming.

Based on this it’s hard to say how much the OnePlus 5T could cost. We suppose technically keeping it under $600 is still possible, while at the same time making it more expensive than the OnePlus 5. It is rather interesting especially when you consider that when the first OnePlus smartphone was launched, it was just under $300, although subsequent models released afterwards have seen an increase in price.

That being said, OnePlus phones are still relatively affordable when you look at how much companies like Apple and Samsung are charging, although we guess now that the company has moved beyond the $300 price point, there might be some original OnePlus customers who may no longer be able to afford the company’s newer offerings.

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