Based on the current trend, it seems that one of the popular design choices for smartphones these days is to create a phone with as little bezel as possible. However we imagine that in the future our phones could look a lot different, but could foldable phones be the next big thing in tech?

Clearly that remains to be seen, but in the meantime it looks like OPPO could be interesting in exploring that possibility. In a recently discovered patent (via Pocketnow), it looks like OPPO has filed for a patent for what looks to be their take on a foldable smartphone. From this design alone, it looks like OPPO’s approach to foldable phones is different from that of Samsung’s.

In OPPO’s case it looks like the company is exploring the idea of maybe just the top part of the phone that can be folded, versus the phone folding in half. In theory this should be easier to pull off as it means that certain components that cannot be folded or flexed can remain in the bottom half of the phone.

Flexible components is one of the challenges involved in creating a truly foldable phone, so OPPO’s patent could be seen as an in between. Of course there’s no telling if OPPO will ever make this patent a reality, but what do you guys think? Are foldable phones the future, or do you reckon it’s still a bit of a novel concept?

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